Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 Welcome to my blog about two of my favorite subjects: gluten free delicious foods, and homemade herbal recipes.  I have been making herbal concoctions for over 20 years, and would love to share them with you! I make everything from personal pampering products to tinctures that treat any illnesses my family may encounter. It is relaxing, fun, intuitive and also a natural, money saving way to keep your home and family happy.
  I have always loved food, and after marrying a chef I became quite the foodie.  We raised our boys with good food, and as teenagers, they are foodies as well. After being diagnosed with gluten intolerance almost a year ago, I have been trying to recreate some of our family favorites.  
 I have had many gluten free baking projects that ending up straight in the trash, but I have also had my share of ones that made me feel like I was no longer deprived of the good stuff!  (Don't worry, I will only focus on the ones that turned out well)!
 As you experiment in the kitchen with herbs, spices and gluten free flour options, you get a feel for what you want to accomplish.  Sometimes it doesn't go as you planned, but you tweak it, and play with it until you are satisfied.  I hope I can share some ideas that you can take along with you and enjoy in your home. Thanks for visiting!  Joanna

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