Monday, February 10, 2014

So many projects, so many happy days!

Elderberry gummies

Jewelry I'm making
I have been so busy making yummy new gluten free foods, and Paleo inspired foods.  I have made so many things that ended up being fantastic, and therefore added to my favorites cookbooks.  I will one day get around to putting them each on this blog, but at the time that I made them, I simply made pictures and posted them on Google+!  
Hubby and I found new hobby...home roasting coffee beans

Lip balm
Mark and I received 4 lbs of green coffee beans from Santa this Christmas, and we have fallen in love with roasting our own beans!  Then last week when my birthday rolled around, he gave me a home steamer, so that it's easy to have fresh cappuccinos everyday!

Stove top steamer!  

I always make time to supply myself and my family with homemade lotions, lip balms and vitamins. Recently I added a new of making jewelry out of broken pieces!  So, for now, I have many irons in the fire, and plan to share some of my favorite findings soon.  Many blessings, Joanna

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