Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick, easy and hearty gluten and grain free lunches

     On this long journey to regain my health, I have been experimenting with "paleo" ideas, as well as "elimination diet" ideas.  I really love my go to lunch of either a sandwich,  re-heated leftovers, or scrambled eggs.  However, this is my 3rd week on an elimination diet, so I am skipping the eggs and gluten free bread right now.  I also love quinoa or brown rice for quick lunches, but right now they are out too.  So, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite and most filling lunches.

Salmon patties with wilted cabbage.

First off, I love salmon patties made with quinoa flakes and eggs as the binder.  Being grain free and egg free right now, I made them with coconut, almond flour and mashed sweet potatoes they were just as good!  

**I use a pouch of Chicken of the Sea salmon
    add one baked, mashed sweet potato
    add any chopped veggies on hand (I use shredded carrots and/or bell peppers)
    Add chopped garlic, and onion if desired, I used roasted garlic this time...yum!
    I added about 2 Tbl each of coconut, and almond flours (I don't actually measure, just look for                     consistency)
**Make into patties and fry in coconut oil 
**I saute'd purple cabbage, jalapeno peppers, and carrots as a side dish...simply cut thin, saute in coconut         oil, and add spices of your choice, salt and pepper

Pan fried chicken thigh
Pickled beet salad

For my second favorite, quick lunch, I like chicken and a hearty salad.
**Dredge a thigh in a mixture of 1/4 cup coconut flour, pinch each of cayenne, garlic powder, onion                  powder, thyme, salt and pepper.
    Fry in coconut oil until done and crispy on the outside
**Make a salad of your choice... mine featured spinach and some pickled beets that I made this fall

I hope you try these easy lunches, and let me know how you like them!  
Many Blessings,

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